About Kelly Miller

After spending the majority of her life eating the SAD diet (Standard American Diet – processed foods, low fat) Kelly went on a journey of self-discovery and learned how ignoring the stress of her demanding job as an elementary teacher, lack of sleep, and poor quality food was causing her to feel tired all the time, unable to focus, struggle with brain fog, appearance that was “puffy,” Her diet at the time consisted of diet coke – the “healthier” no calorie option, quick “healthy” lunches like Lean Cuisine meals, and predominately zero and low-fat foods like skim milk, fat free cottage cheese, pretzels, 100 calorie packs, etc. A calorie was simply labeled a calorie and the number of calories taken in was all that mattered, or was it?

After moving to Texas in 2012, Kelly became inspired by the 100 Days of Clean eating movement and committed to rethinking the food choices that she was making for herself and her family. Whole foods became the focus, meals were made at home, labels on packaged foods were now read for added sugar, additives, and simplicity of ingredients. She started to feel less inflamed, lost the extra baby weight, had consistent energy throughout the day, and reclaimed her zest for life!

This curiosity, love of learning, and passion for redefining “healthy” led her to dig deeper into nutrition by reading books and listening to podcasts by functional medicine doctors and current visionaries in the field of using food as medicine. This mindfulness spread into other areas of Kelly’s life and she discovered a new passion for fitness and became Group Fitness and Personal Training Certified.

Feeling called to continue to learn more about wellness and help others to live fuller lives, Kelly became certified as a Functional Medicine Health Coach. Being trained in the functional medicine way, she understands that the body is a beautiful and intricate system that is designed to work together. When a part isn’t functioning or being addressed, the system will not be able to operate at optimum capacity.

Kelly’s mission is to be a fixture in her community of McKinney for those seeking to explore and navigate their journey towards “Finding Healthy.”

Kelly wants to help you dream out and achieve your personalized lifestyle vision that includes all of the pillars of wellness: nutrition, movement (exercise), stress management, removing toxins from your environment, and managing stress. She will come alongside you to hear your story, help you to become aware (mindful), provide resources and tools that will empower and inspire you to take those steps down your health journey. The coaching relationship will capitalize Character Strengths, incorporate positive behavior psychology, mindfulness, and motivational interviewing to address and overcome obstacles that you are face. She would love the opportunity to work with you.

Kelly, as a Health & Wellness Coach, shares content and material for educational and informational use only. She is not acting as a physician, nurse or psychologist.