Not sleeping? Maybe it’s the temperature of the room.

I’m sharing a big “aha” moment with my husband and his lack of sleep. We both have pretty good sleep practices and go to bed nightly around 10:00. But over the past few months, he’s been struggling with feeling like he slept well. Going back to what I learned in my training to become a Functional Medicine Health Coach, I knew we needed to dig deeper and try to determine the “why.” After a bit of talking, we had some realizations. By reflecting on previous years, he began to see a patter that he really never slept well during this time of year. We live in North Dallas and the temperature begins to creep up in May and can continue until October.

So we decided to try an experiment and programmed our thermostat to start to cool down at 9:45 from our daytime temperature of 78 to 70. After a week, he began to experience better quality and more restful sleep. Success!

If you are having trouble sleeping, you need to be mindful about your sleep environment as it can greatly help or hinder your quality of sleep. The temperature of the room not only helps you sleep better but it also increases melatonin production, balances hormones, and even more health benefits. For more information on how room temperature effects sleep see this article.

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