Coaching Services

One-on-One Health Coaching is for individuals who are ready to change their lifestyle in order to gain greater health.

Do you feel like you have?

  • low mood
  • stress
  • digestive issues
  • trouble losing weight
  • brain fog
  • sleep issues
  • skin problems

or you maybe you simply want to transition to a whole foods way of eating, then my guidance might be able to help you.

Coaching will include:

A plan based on your priorities created by me AND you.
The tools, such as food plan alterations, stress reduction strategies, sleep hygiene, exercise and more to get you feeling happy and healthy again.
Encouragement, support, accountability, resources suggestions when requested.

Our path is based on your priorities. You may have recommendations from a medical practitioner and want help implementing them or maybe you have your own reasons for seeking support. It’s important to note that I do not make recommendations or write prescriptions. I work with you to co-create goals that are manageable and provide support through your transition.

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Coming in September 2019!

Transitioning your pantry from

SAD (Standard American Diet) to Clean

4 Week Small Group Session:

One of the factors that may be causing you to have low energy, trouble losing weight, and more, is the food that you are eating. Changing from eating processed foods to a clean, whole foods way is a good first step towards finding your healthy. I understand that changing how you eat can be overwhelming,  which is why I designed this small group coaching program with one goal in mind to CLEAN OUT THE PANTRY.

Each week we will meet and discuss a new area of the pantry to clean out, better options to replace with, as well as have you create your own action steps for the next week, and give you a “homework” assignment to complete before the next session.

Meeting as a group will allow you the guidance, support, and accountability to follow through with changing how you view your pantry. Included in the session is a Facebook Group with your fellow group mates, e-mail support during the duration of the 4 week session, and option to add on additional one-on-one coaching sessions during and following the program.

Please e-mail me if you would like more details.