“I believe that functional medicine is one of the most important ideas of our time – an idea that can help relieve the unnecessary suffering of millions.”
— Dr. Mark Hyman, director of the Cleveland Clinic, Center for Functional Medicine

 What is functional Medicine?

Functional Medicine dives deep into the individual to identify and address the root causes of disease. Recognizing the body as an integrated system, not independent organs to be managed by medical specialties, it instead treats the whole system, not just the symptoms.
Functional medicine examines how a patients past and present experiences, lifestyle, and environment play a role in their health. Functional medicine practitioners believe that many chronic diseases are preventable and even reversible. To do that one should adhere to their individualized plan addressing points such as diet, stress, exercise, genetics, and environment factors.

What is a Functional Medicine Health Coach?

A Certified Functional Medicine Health Coach is trained with the the “root cause” in mind philosophy and uses lifestyle change in order to improve your health. Drawing on your internal strengths,developing your self-knowledge, and embracing self-management strategies will help you to overcome the obstacles that obstacles that you are and will face on your journey towards optimum health.

As your Coach

I will come alongside you and provide support and guidance as well as resources and tools in order to help you to create and facilitate lasting lifestyle changes. My coaching isn’t a one-size fits all program. It’s personalized and holistic meaning that we look at how stress, sleep, food, exercise, toxins are affecting your health and also explore how to incorporate mindfulness practices as well as identifying what’s good you.

  • I will help you to set, clarify, and maintain focus on your goals.
  • I will hold you accountable.
  • I will help you to establish your own solutions and strategies.
  • I will encourage, support, and believe in you even when you mat not.
  • I will help you see what is good in you and help you to see your strengths.

Your Role as Client

  • Be open and honest. I promise you a safe space and no judgement.
  • Be willing to work
  • Be willing to adopt a more positive outlook on self and life
  • Be ready to take ownership and accountability for your life/decisions/actions, You are ultimately responsible for your results. Success is directly related to your commitment and the effort you make.

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